​Joy, freedom and fun… All of this with the sounds of unforgettable music… In the last episode of"Dancing with the stars" we turned on the machine of memories!The dancers from the Egurrola Dance Agency presented themselves in such hits as "It's my life", "Coco jambo" and "No limit." Good fun and endless energy accompanied our artists through the wh...… Continue reading

Fashion show of Egurrola Store in Silesia City Center

​The best dancers, a great collection and an unforgettable show - this is what the last weekend at Silesia City Center looked like!On 24th and 25th of March, the dancers from the Egurrola Dance Agency and the Volt Group presented the clothes of the Egurrola Store. Extremely energetic performances inspired the whole audience to dance! Spectacular ch...… Continue reading

Danzel and dancers from Egurrola Dance Agency in the program “Name that tune”!

​Do you know such hits as "Pump it up" or "You spin me round"? Soon you will be able to enjoy them together with Danzel and our excellent dancers! In the coming episodes of the program "Name that tune" the artists form Egurrola Dance Agency and The Volt Group prepared an amazing show! All of this under the watchful eye of great choreographer, Agust...… Continue reading

Arash and the Volt Group

​In the latest episodes of "Name that tune" dancers from Egurrola Dance Agency and the Volt Group had the pleasure to accompany on the stage the Iranian-Swedish singer and music producer, Arash! Especially for that occasion, choreographer Agustin Egurrola created unique shows that aroused admiration of the audience gathered in the studio ! You will...… Continue reading

Egurrola Dance Agency’s dancers on Sephora Trend Report

​Our wonderful dancers gave an amazing show of their skills during the next edition of SEPHORA Trend Report! Spectacular choreographies, inspired by fragrance novelties prepared for the new spring/summer season 2018. The audience gathered in ARKADIA Shopping Center was delighted. We are really happy that we could be part of this great event!… Continue reading

Egurrola Dance Agency with Oceana in „Name that tune” program!

​Lots of energy on the stage of "Name that tune"! The dancers of Egurrola Dance Agency and Volt Group prepared fantastic shows with wonderful Oceana! You could hear hits like „Endless summer" and „Lala". These were extremely energetic performances, which you will be able to watch on TV soon!Don't miss it!… Continue reading

Movie night with Egurrola Dance Agency!

​It was a really artistic challenge for our dancers! An unique musical evening and the Oscar Gala could not take place without songs from such movies as: Burlesque, Grease, Moulin Rouge, Blues Brothers or perfectly known Bollywood musicals.Unforgettable, thematic show performed by our dancers was a guarantee of entertainment at the highest level!… Continue reading

Hypnotizing Volt Group show!

The presentation of the spring schedule of the TVN station is behind us! During the conference, the hottest shows and series were shown! One of the new programs was "Hypnosis"! Mesmerizing presentation of the Volt Group dancers opened the whole event. The artists presented a surprising and full of tension choreography prepared by Agustin Egurrola.&...… Continue reading

Latin show by Egurrola Dance Agency!

The latest episodes of the "Name that tune" program was a real treat for lovers of Latin music! This time, the dancers from the Egurrola Dance Agency and the Volt Group performed with Cuban music star Rey Ceballo. The choreography was prepared by the irreplaceable Agustin Egurrola, who will be the special guest of the episode!It will be a huge dose...… Continue reading


​During the New Year's Eve, the dancers from Egurrola Dance Studio and Volt Group had the honor to perform with one of the most popular music star of the year – Luis Fonsi! Artists worked with Agustin Egurrola, who prepared amazing choreographies for such hits as "Despacito" and "Échame la culpa". Their show was full of dynamics and energy! It was ...… Continue reading


The dancers from Egurrola Dance Agency and the Volt Group spent The New Year's Eve on the stage in Zakopane! They performed with the most popular singers in Poland, for example Anna Wyszkoni and Maryla Rodowicz. All performances presented during this concert had been prepared by choreographer – Agustin Egurrola! A huge dose of good dance and great ...… Continue reading

New Year's Eve concert in Warsaw!

The dancers from Egurrola Dance Agency and Volt Group took part in New Year's Eve concert TVN 2018 in Warsaw. The artists had the pleasure of accompanying on stage such stars as Beata Kozidrak, Ewelina Lisowska, Cleo, as well as Pectus and Sound and Grace. Their energy and surprising choreographies created by Agustin Egurrola, were an inseparable e...… Continue reading


The dance group called Luzik 1 was going like a bomb in the "Got Talent". First of all, the girls successfully passed the casting and got from the jury three "yes". Then the group prepared an unforgettable show for the episode live. Enormous applause, supported from the audience and decision of jury allowed the young dancers to the final, where the...… Continue reading

Premiere of the performance “Boxality” directed by Agustin Egurrola

​After months of work, 21st October in the Palladium Theatre was the premiere of the performance directed by Agustin Egurrola called "Boxality". Lots of strong emotions, congratulations and standing ovations proved that debut of the genius choreographer was a big surprise for everyone and the spectacle is a huge success!Expressive, powerful, touche...… Continue reading


​The third live episode of the Polish edition of "The Voice of Poland" was a big surprise for all viewers! The dancers of Egurrola Dance Agency and Volt Group performed with a special guest – a talented music producer, DJ, composer and global star - Jonas Blue! Our dancers created a unique choreography for his new single "We could go back" and the ...… Continue reading


Firstly, each of the dancers of this fantastic group took part in casting to the TV Project. TV Project is a great team of young and very talented people with passion. This time they proved that together they are unbeatable! They decided to perform in the TV show called "Got Talent". Their performance in this show included an amazing choreography, ...… Continue reading


​ On October 21, our dancers presented themselves at Warsaw's Torwar during a special jubilee concert celebrating the 20th anniversary of the "Name that tune" For many years, the dancers of the Volt group and Egurrola Dance Agency are accompanying to great singers in this timeless program, giving them their professional performances in front of a m...… Continue reading


This time dancers from Egurrola Dance Agency had opportunity to appeard on the Gala of the 20th anniversary of TVN in Warsaw in choreography by Agustin Egurrola. It was very surprising and attractive show for guests gathered in the audience, because dancers looked like them! Uniqueness, an amazing stylizations and positive energy made that evening ...… Continue reading


Last week the Volt Group had the opportunity to present their skills during the Sephora Trend Report - Autumn 2017, which was in Arkadia City Center in Warsaw. Dancers were promoting new perfume line called Jimmy Choo. It was the professional performance on the highest level! We are very happy that we could be part of it! Thank you so much for bein...… Continue reading


​Young dancers from Egurrola Dance Studio had a great opportunity to present themselves during the National Elimination of Junior Eurovision 2017 in two dance shows. First ,hip-hop and very energetic choreography for the song of Tomasz Bao was prepared by Klaudia Sadło, whose professionalism was appreciated and honored by the jury. Another full of ...… Continue reading


​Last weekend was full of power! Egurrola Dance Agency dancers performed an energetic show with eye-catching props! It was an amazing spectacle for Mobil1! Our dancers made that time full of dance and endless energy. … Continue reading


This time our amazing dancers had a chance to perform next to the greatest stars of polish music and make amazing dance arrangements to their performances. Professionalism, lightness, beauty and dynamics are a combination of a phenomenal and unique artistic show! … Continue reading


​Amazing dancers of the Egurrola Dance Agency had the pleasure to dance at the opening of"Grand Match 2017 – TVN's Stars against Representation of GOCC"! The very exciting and long-awaited event in Poland was a great experience for our talented artists. Fantastic spectacle, unique costumes and arrangement and above all professionally prepared show ...… Continue reading


​The opening ceremony of the Men's European Volleyball Championship 2017 is already behind us! It was an amazing show including live music and dancing show acts specially prepared for this great event by Agustin Egurrola! In this performance took part 150 talented dancers from Egurrola Dance Studio and they gave the show at the highest level!You ca...… Continue reading


​This time EDA's dancers had the opportunity to show their skills in a very magical place – The Forest Opera. Right there "Top of the Top Festival Sopot 2017" one of the biggest events organized by TVN took place and our irreplaceable dancers could be part of it. Fantastic, full of ideas and interesting arrangements performed by artists form EDA de...… Continue reading


The Great Gala of Stars took place at the Plejada event on Monday evening which was graced by the phenomenal dancers of our agency! The artists had the pleasure to perform with the wonderful singer Patricia Kazadi. They were dancing on a unique stage inside the historic building called "Ufficio Primo"! We can say that it was the great show: the aud...… Continue reading

Special performance with Dorota Rabczewska in the program “ Dancing with the stars”

​Fantastic show of our wonderful dancers from Dance Group Volt with beautiful vocalist called Dorota Rabczewska! It was an amazing experience for the audience gathered in Polsat's studio too. The artists played charming and delicate women – butterflies. They moved viewers to a magical, fairy-tale world. … Continue reading

On set of Kayah’s new music video!

​Dancers from Egurrola Dance Studio and Egurrola Dance Agency took part in recording of music video for Kayah's new song! Group of talented dancers spent a very busy but also lovely evening in an exquisite place. Our artists not only presented themselves perfectly in the choreographies prepared by Agustin Egurrola, but also showcased of their skill...… Continue reading

The hot mambo performed by Agustin Egurrola!

In today's episode of the most popular music show in Poland „Name That Tune" we could watch a special performance prepared by a brilliant choreographer and dancer – Agustin Egurrola accompanied by a talented partner. The dancing couple showed Latin temperament, perfection and class in itself. The audience in the studio was delighted with the hot ma...… Continue reading


​ The first polish edition of "IDOL" has been created 15 years ago and our dancers were already performing on POLSAT's stage. Do you know that "IDOL" was the first television talent show with dance arrangement created by professional Dance Group VOLT. In this way, their career related to large format productions began! Today they can present themse...… Continue reading

Agustin Egurrola Dance Tour!

Are you dreaming of dancing with Agustin Egurrola? Enjoy the Agustin Egurrola Dance Tour! On Friday night we have a real Latino atmosphere at Egurrola Dance Studio! Spectacular mambo lesson run by an amazing choreographer combined with a professional salsa show are a treat for all dance lovers! The biggest surprise and the crowning of the whole ev...… Continue reading

Egurrola Dance Agency for SEPHORA TREND REPORT spring 2017!

Our irreplaceable dancers performed today at SEPHORA Trend Report Spring 2017! World brands: Jimmy Choo and Guerlain whose face is Agelina Jolie launched the latest fragrances of the coming spring! Stimulating the senses was the central theme of our dancers' presentation which was advertising the hottest perfumes of the season. Delicacy, subtlety,...… Continue reading

40th birthday od APART brand!

Egurrola Dance Agency dancers performed at the event of Apart - the most popular Polish jewellery brand. The round 40th anniversary was celebrated uniquely, with class and elegance with a touch of glitz. During this event the scene belonged to our dancers and it was a unique stage, i.e. the National Opera in Warsaw. 'La Notte Italiana' grand gala ...… Continue reading

AVATAR in the performance of the Volt Group!

It was a wild, dynamic and spectacular show - the VOLT Group dancers appeared in the choreography prepared by Agustin Egurrola. It was a real pleasure for our dancers to work on the theme of the fantasy film!Great performance, huge emotions and stunning dance routines are a perfect description of what you could admire during the event inspired by „...… Continue reading

Colorfull and powerfull VOLT!

The world does not always have to be grey and monotonous, sometimes it is worth giving yourself a touch of color! The last performance of our great VOLT Group dancers was a great example of color! Full of bright colors and candy madness the show moved all the viewers into a slightly different dimension of reality. Let's get carried away, fantasy i...… Continue reading

New Year - new recordings of "Name That Tune!"

​ At the beginning of the new year we go are going back - with great energy - to the regular recordings of the next season of "Name That Tune!" – a popular music program. Collaboration with outstanding artists and diverse musical genres are what we like most in this work! We invite you to watch the result of our work in the latest episodes of TVP1!...… Continue reading

Dance Challenge In The Latino Style In Wrocław!!

The dancers of Egurrola Dance Agency have successfully completed another artistic assignment! This time – for special commission - we prepared a humorous, entertaining and thrilling performance with the elements of hot salsa, fiery cha-cha and crazy rock & roll! Joy, smile and great fun - with these dancers and in such repertoire - GUARANTEED!...… Continue reading

Tomasz Prządka - The choreographer cf the next edition of "Small Giants" – children talent show program!!

Egurrola Dance Agency is proud of cooperation with another fantastic production! Tomasz Prządka became the choreographer of "Small Giants" - a children talent show on the TVN spring schedule! Auditions for the third edition of the program have already begun. Tomasz is facing a very difficult challenge because preparing children's performances is a...… Continue reading

TVN and ‘Hello 2017’ New Year’s Eve press release!!!

Today there was a press conference promoting the upcoming New Year's Eve concert on TVN television in which our dancers are going to perform. What can one do to make this last night of the year unforgettable and unique? We suggest – chill out and have fun! Just like our dancers during a spontaneous performance with Cleo for the opening of the conf...… Continue reading

The Volt Group in the great opening of "Top Model" final!!

Top Model has not yet seen such a show! During the finale of the 6th edition of the "Top Model" program we could admire an explosive combination of the fashion world with crazy dance by the Volt Group.The unique choreography created by Agustin Egurrola was perfectly composed for the needs of a television program, fashion show and presentation of t...… Continue reading

Final of the 7th edition of "The Voice of Poland"!

​ Full of unique staging, magical choreography, surprising arrangements and above all unforgettable emotions - this was the finale of the 7th edition of "The Voice of Poland"! The Volt Group dancers performed - in choreographies prepared by Agustin Egurrola - with all the vocalists of this final! Every idea and every appearance of the dancers on th...… Continue reading

"Got Talent" final!!!

Each finale is a unique event that is a culmination of months of work and preparation of the production team, the choreographer, the participants and the jury for this unique one night! It was the same this time - in the finale of "Got Talent" we could see the dancers of Egurrola Dance Agency prepared by the choreographer of this program Tomasz Pr...… Continue reading

Fantastic final of "Dancing with the Stars" with the participation of our dancers!

Another dance adventure on the "Dancing with the Stars" dance floor behind us! Fantastic time, lots of excitement and many dance hits on the competition couples' way to the crystal ball. It was a unique, final and the choreographies beautifullyhighlighted the significance of this unique episode. Congratulations to the winners!!! … Continue reading

Hair Revolution 2016 with the participation of the dancers from Egurrola Dance Agency!!!

We make the whole of Poland fall in love with dance! Egurrola Dance Agency dancers were special guests of this year's Hair Revolution 2016 Gala in Krakow!!! Thanks to the original ideas and choreographic devices of Agustin Egurrola, our show was a great highlight of the event in Glamor and Street styles. Such are our gentlemen! Born to be on stage...… Continue reading

Broadway in Lublin in choreography by Agustin Egurrola!!!

Participation in such an event is an award for every dancer! Yesterday we had the opportunity to perform at the Musical Theater in Lublin, accompanied by the biggest stars!!! Master choreographies by Agustin Egurrola, brilliant accompaniment of the Theater Orchestra and the dancers of Egurrola Dance Agency! It was great. We can not describe in wor...… Continue reading

Great Gatsby performed by the Volt Group!

VOLT's professional dancers presented an amazing performance inspired by Great Gatsby. Exceptional dance routines, clothes stylizations specially prepared for this occasion and our love of dance had all the participants involved in this event. A show in the 20s style with a modern touch of elegance is our speciality !!! A little party never killed...… Continue reading

Volt Group's dancers perform in an ancient amphitheatre in Greece!!!

The international premiere of a new line of cosmetics, to be held in picturesque Greece, could not take place without our fantastic VOLT Group dancers. Our beautiful girls at the special invitation of the FM cosmetic company performed in a magic dance routine, culminating with the presentation of the new products of this brand.:) Thank you for the...… Continue reading

Volt Group on SEPHORA TREND REPORT Autumn 2016!!!

During the last weekend the VOLT Group tested, experimented and discovered the upcoming SEPHORA season!:-) Our dazzling dancers presented two dance routines at this year's Sephora Trend Report conference, which were an array of scents of this autumn season! The idea of the show was to advertise and invite customers to use the new products offered ...… Continue reading

Special appearance in "Dancing with the Stars"!

It was a hot Friday for The VOLT Group dancers! Our gentlemen appeared in a special event accompanying Beata Kozidrak - one of the Polish stars! Spectacular props in the form of moving mirrors made the dance floor shine like never before! … Continue reading

Our amazing girls performed at a ball of the ‘You are not alone’ TVN foundation!

Egurrola Dance Agency dancers will remember this night for long! Our girls together with Nick Sinclair did their best! It was a phenomenal show designed for this occasion and it delighted all the guests of this unique event. We are proud that at the invitation of "YOU ARE NOT ALONE" TVN Foundation we were able to participate in this event. … Continue reading

Our "DANCE ARMY" took up a dance battle at a real ring in the company of the amazing Edyta Górniak!

It was a brilliant experience for us! During "Polsat Boxing Night" before the fight of the European Championships, our phenomenal dancers had the pleasure to perform on the real ring in the company of the one and only Edyta Górniak !!! The atmosphere and great emotions during this evening gave us extra strength. Częstochowa! You were fantastic! Th...… Continue reading

Another premiere done!!!

The finalists of the "You Can Dance - Just Dance" program performed at the press conference of the latest LG product. The dance routine presented by Klaudia Antos and Artur Golc, with its strength, modernity and perfect movement picked up on the the main strengths and possibilities of the LG product. Collaboration with the creators of the latest t...… Continue reading

The Volt Group at "So You Think You Can Dance!"

VOLT dancers and former participants of "You Can Dance - Just Dance!" had an amazing opportunity to dance on stage of this best dance program in Poland. Together with Sebastian Fabijański – a character from „Everything's fine" musical they presented some choreographies from the film giving the audience a glimpse of its style and character. What a ...… Continue reading

Official opening night of the Polish musical "Everything’s Fine!"

On Thursday Warsaw Multikino witnessed the opening night of the first Polish musical with the greatest hits of the past years. Agustin Egurrola and the VOLT group put a lot of work into this project: the choreographies and preparing the actors to dance. Our dancers also became the heroes of several dance scenes. Everyone was delighted and with hug...… Continue reading

Agustin Egurrola has danced in " So You Think You Can Dance!"

There has never been a bigger surprise in any edition of „You Can Dance – Just Dance" program. During the last live show, the jury presented their dance skills in performances specially prepared for the evening. The biggest highlight of the evening was the performance of Agustin Egurrola accompanied by Paulina Kubicka - a Volt Group dancer. The ch...… Continue reading

Agustin Egurrola with his dancers at the photo session for Viva magazine!

In the latest biweekly VIVA! you can find an interview with Agustin Egurrola and a fantastic photo session with his dancers. The effects of an afternoon spent with a group of fantastic people who share a passion for dance will surely bring a smile on your faces. You must see this! … Continue reading

Polish singer Beata Kozidrak and the Volt Group in "Dancing with the Stars"

In the Friday episode of the present edition of "Dancing with the Stars", our dancers were delighted to dance to the latest single of Beata Kozidrak - the legend of the Polish music scene. The show of our sensational girls for the "Bingo" song was the most special highlight of the program. … Continue reading

Volt Group at Sephora Trend Report Spring 2016!

Our dancers who opened this year's Sephora Trend Report were a breath of fresh air – heralds of the upcoming novelties in the world of Sephora. The show which was to advertise and invite customers to use Sephora's new services, attracted a lot of passers-by. … Continue reading

A Volt Group dancer became the choreographer of ‘Small Giants’ program !!!

You will be able to watch the first episode of SMALL GIANTS on TVN this Saturday. For us this edition is really unique!!! Why!? Tomasz Prządka – a Volt Group dancer - became the choreographer of all the dance performances of the program participants. We are looking forward to seeing all the choreographies of the small giants!:-) … Continue reading

The Volt Group and the Tv Project dancers in Lip Sync Battle!

The project that the Volt Group and TV Project dancers worked on last November will finally see the light of day!!! The first battle of stars in "LIP SYNC BATTLE - Big Setup" will be available on TVN Player today! … Continue reading

Welcome New Year 2016 !!!

On the New Year's Eve the Volt Group and the dancers of our Agency performed in two biggest cities in Poland!!! We entered 2016 alongside the biggest Polish stars on two big stages in Wroclaw and Krakow! For our dancers it was great fun and another amazing experience we will not forget for a long time! … Continue reading

Volt Group in Beauty City!

Dance fashion shows performed by the professional Volt dance group have graced Beauty City. Dynamic and attractive presentations of the collections of popular clothing brands are a great highlight of every fashion event. As you can see, our dancers are also very good at modeling! … Continue reading

Volt in excellent show for Mobil 1 !!!

Our dancers made the National Stadium in Warsaw go wild during the Inter Cars Motor Show. The energetic show with lots of props: flags, CO2 barrels and powerful pickups were the highlight of the fair. An effective and dedicated show with unconventional use of props is our speciality! … Continue reading

Egurrola Dance Studio goes on a tour round Poland with Lego!

Egurrola Dance Studio together with the LEGO brand is going on tour in Poland! Dancers from our children's bands, accompanied by professional dancers, are traveling round the biggest cities in Poland, so that children can get to know LEGO FRIENDS dance in specially prepared play areas. Attractive and energetic dance competitions are a great way of...… Continue reading

The opening of "Barbie in Rock ‘n Royals" film in ‘Złote Tarasy’ shopping centre!

The dancers from our children's ensembles choreographed by our choreographer played the title roles of the film's protagonists.:) Alongside with Barbie, our beloved Paulina Kubicka, a Volt dancer and the finalist of the 8th edition of You Can Dance, they enchanted everyone - it was an unforgettable show!!! … Continue reading

Pepsi Space challenge taken by Volt Group!

The Volt Group took part in the PEPSI Space Challenge in the center of Warsaw today! We became part of the first movie shot from outer space! Only the best dancers perform these kinds of tasks for international brands! We are glad we were part of this event. Space shots have been successfully taken! … Continue reading

Latest tv production with dancers from Egurrola Dance Studio!

Today the dancers of Egurrola Dance Studio took part in the recording of one of scenes from the new series on Eugene Bodo. Our dancers – in choreography by Agustin Egurrola - played the role of hot Spanish ladies of the 20s alongside Antoni Królikowski - the actor playing the main role. … Continue reading

Volt performs at the 52. National Festival of Polish Song in Opole!

The Volt Group in the choreography of Agustin Egurrola performed with the biggest stars of the Polish music scene at the most important event in Polish music entertainment. Dancers performed alongside Justyna Steczkowska, Kayah and Edyta Górniak in her concert on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of artistic work. … Continue reading

Agustin Egurrola creates choreography for the Opening Ceremony of the Uefa European League Final!

Events like this are only done by the best. Preparation of the choreography with 300 dancers for the Opening Ceremony of the UEFA European League Final at the National Stadium in Warsaw took several hundred hours. Agustin Egurrola has created a unique spectacle for the opening of one of Europe's most popular sporting events. … Continue reading

Volt dancer to choreograph an Oshee advertisement!

Tomasz Przadka, a professional dancer of the Volt Group, has prepared a choreography for a new advertising spot for OSHEE brand!!! Intensive work on the set is a pleasure for Tomasz!!! You will soon see the great result of his work. … Continue reading

ING advertisement with dancers from Egurrola Dance Studio!

It was an extraordinary experience and a cool challenge for our dancers to work on the commercial of one of the largest banks in Poland. Selected from hundreds of other female dancers, the dancers from Egurrola Dance Agency got the chance to be featured in this project. We are very proud of them! … Continue reading

Dance in a music video!

Paulina and Igor, dancers from our Volt Dance Group played the lead role in the music video of Agata Dziarmagowska - a Polish singer for the song "Close to Me". Through the dance of our fantastic dancers the clip showed a story full of emotions and quickly found a wide circle of followers. … Continue reading

Welcome New Year 2015!

On the New Year's Eve the Volt Group and the Egurrola Dance Agency dancers performed in three biggest cities in Poland!!! We entered 2015 alongside the biggest Polish stars on three big stages in Wroclaw, Krakow and Warsaw! For our dancers it was great fun and experience we will not forget for a long time! … Continue reading

Our dancers became choreographers of ‘Dancing with the Stars’!

The Volt Group dancers acted as choreographers of "Dancing with the Stars". In the second edition of the program, the stars and dancers presented their dance routines in Hip-Hop, Bollywood, Dancehall or Pop styles.… Continue reading

Jimmy Choo and Mango Rebel in the Theatre of Scents!

This year at the Sephora Trend Report, our dancers presented Jimmy Choo and Mango Rebel perfumes in the form of mini shows that symbolized the scents. Their performances met with enormous enthusiasm of the audience. … Continue reading

Ceremony of the Opening of FIVB World Championships!

A world event carried out by Agustin Egurrola and the dancers of Egurrola Dance Agency. On 30th August the dancers of flagship teams showed an incredible show to the world. Television broadcast was seen by 190 million viewers in 120 countries! We are proud of the wonderful reviews regarding the artistic part of this event that have come to us from...… Continue reading